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Why is it important to get my dog’s teeth cleaned?

February 20, 2019

While you probably expect regular wellness check-ups to form an intrinsic part of your dog's professional care, an important service that you may not be aware of is in-office dental cleanings by your pet dentist, who often doubles as your usual veterinarian in Port Charlotte, FL.

These appointments, which are usually an annual occurrence, are carried out so that your pet dentist can comprehensively clean your dog's teeth. However, many owners feel that the process is an unnecessary expense. This is far from correct. Proper pet dental care is actually an essential part of your pet's care and neglecting his teeth could potentially have serious and even life-threatening consequences.

Reasons for getting your dog's teeth cleaned

There are number of different important reasons why you should make getting your dog's teeth professionally cleaned a priority. These include:

Protecting him from dental pain

If you have ever had a toothache or infected tooth you will know the agony that can accompany dental pain. Whilst not all dental problems will necessarily cause your dog discomfort in the early stages, most will eventually lead to severe pain. By keeping your canine's teeth as healthy as possible through proper care, you can help protect him from unnecessary pain and suffering.

Keep your dog safe from dental problems

Your dog is reliant on his teeth for many things, from eating to catching a ball or carrying a newspaper to you. If they are compromised, he may not be able to use them as effectively and this could affect his quality of life. Unfortunately, a dog with poor dental hygiene is more likely to develop dental problems including:

  • Mouth ulcers and sores
  • Impacted teeth
  • Abscesses and infections
  • Dental disease

Stopping the development of dental disease

Cavities are fairly rare in dogs, but dental disease, an inflammatory condition that occurs when plaque gets onto his gums, is very common. One in three dogs will show signs of dental disease before they are three years old. While the initial symptoms of the condition are easy to overlook, as the disease worsens it can have devastating consequences for your pet's dental health and severe pain, tooth loss and deteriorating of the jaw bone can occur.

Prevent health problems associated with dental disease

Unfortunately, dental disease doesn't only cause dental problems. If the infection is allowed to go untreated, the bacteria can travel from the gums into the bloodstream where they can then be transported throughout his body. If this happens, his major organs and body functions can be affected. Dogs with severe dental problems are more likely to develop kidney and liver problems, diabetes and even heart conditions. By ensuring that your dog's teeth are as clean as possible, you can help to prevent these health issues and even extend his lifespan.

How is a professional dental clean for my dog different to brushing his teeth at home?

Brushing your dog's teeth regularly at home is the most important thing that you can do to support his dental health. However, even the most experienced and practiced owner can find it near impossible to do a completely thorough job of brushing their dog's teeth. Fortunately, your pet dentist has professional tools which are able to provide a clean that is far superior to anything that you can achieve at home. More importantly still, most professional cleans are carried out using a general anesthetic which ensures that your dog is asleep for the duration of the appointment. Not only does this mean he will be unaware and therefore not anxious or scared, but it will also afford your pet dentist the time and access to your dog's teeth to perform the clean comprehensively and safely - something which is just impossible with a dog that is awake. Your canine pal will be closely monitored throughout the process, meaning that you needn't be concerned about the use of anesthetic, and your healthier, happy dog will be able to come home a short while after his dental clean.

A professional pet dental clean can help preserve your dog's teeth and his overall health and happiness for longer. To schedule your pet dentistry appointment at our animal hospital in Port Charlotte, FL, please contact our team today at 941-214-4250.