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When to Take my Exotic Pet or Bird to an Emergency Veterinarian

December 20, 2018

Unfortunately, identifying when our pet needs medical assistance is rarely easy, and the same is true for all animals, including those exotic pets and birds. Nearly all animals instinctively try and mask illness and vulnerabilities so that they do not appear weak, and this trait remains in them even when they are living in domesticity.

This natural urge is even more frustrating when you are dealing with what is potentially an emergency situation. If the situation is critical and you don't get your exotic pet or bird to an emergency vet immediately, you could be putting her health and life in serious danger.

What constitutes an exotic pet or bird veterinary emergency?

Generally, the following conditions are considered to be an emergency scenario and necessitate that your uncommon pet is seen by an experienced, local emergency bird or pet vet as quickly as possible:

  • Difficult, rapid or labored breathing
  • Fractures, particularly where there is bone protruding from the site of the injury
  • Poorly responsive to activities that usually interest them, such as games or treats
  • Refusal to eat for 24 hours or more (or 12 hours in small or young exotic pets and birds)
  • Severe lethargy, sitting on the bottom of the cage and fluffed, laying on their side or seemingly unable to stand
  • Uncontrollable bleeding

If your exotic pet or bird shows any of the symptoms listed above, get in touch with your emergency veterinarian in Port Charlotte FL as soon as possible. They will ask you some questions over the phone which act as a kind of triage and enable them to identify if your pet needs to be seen by a professional immediately.

How can I find an emergency bird vet near me?

Veterinary emergencies can strike at any time and one of the best ways to be prepared for an emergency is to know exactly which vet you are going to contact if a critical situation arises. There are likely to be a number of different veterinarians in your local area, but finding one that specializes in exotic pets and birds can be trickier. Nevertheless, it is important to source a vet with experience in your type of creature since, as you can probably imagine, the care needed for some type of exotic pets and especially birds, is often very different to that required for cats and dogs.

Ask around locally for recommendations or consider performing an internet search. Type 'emergency bird vet near me' or 'emergency exotic pet vet near me' into the search bar and check out the results. Don't be tempted into choosing the nearest or cheapest just through convenience. Actually visit their offices and see them and their facility for yourselves before you decide on your preferred vet. You can ask to see accreditation and reviews and meet the vets themselves to put your mind at rest that your exotic pet or bird will get the best possible care.

If you would like more advice on animal emergencies in exotic pets and birds, our experienced and professional veterinarians at Charlotte Animal Hospital in Port Charlotte FL would be happy to assist you. Call us at 941-214-4250 to learn more today.