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Basics of Dog Care with Dog Boarding

September 20, 2018

Whether we like it or not, there are going to be occasions where we need to leave our animals overnight and will be unable to care for them.

Some of these instances are well planned events, such as a vacation, while others can be fairly sudden, such as a last-minute business trip or needing to stay in hospital. Whatever the reason for being unable to look after your dog yourself, you will have to arrange temporary canine care.

Boarding facilities are a great option for those owners who find themselves in the predicament of being unable to accommodate the need of their dog for a short period of time. For a fee, you will be able to place your furbaby into a purpose-designed facility that will cater for all of his needs while you are unable to fulfil them. These services should be licensed and regularly checked by inspecting bodies to ensure that they represent a clean, safe and high-quality environment for your dog to stay in.

What care is included when you place your dog into boarding?

In any good boarding facility, your pet's care and happiness should be their number one priority. However, exactly what is offered by each service can vary between them depending on their size, their facilities and staff.

The following list represents the basic standard of care that your dog should receive:


Comfortable accommodation for your dog to sleep and hang out in. You can provide his favorite blanket and toy to help him feel comfortable.


An exercise area and opportunities where your dog is taken out and give the physical activity that he needs to stay healthy. Some boarding facilities will also take dogs on longer walks.


Obviously, your dog will need to be fed multiple times each day. Some boarding facilities include the food consumed in the cost of your dog's stay and will let you choose from multiple brands. However, since many pet owners prefer for their dog to remain on the same brand of food, most kennels will also allow you provide your own food.


If your dog is currently taking medication, your boarding facility should be able to administer this on your behalf. You will need to supply the drugs that your dog is taking, along with instructions on how much and when it must be given. You will also be asked for your vet's details so that they can be contacted in the unlikely event that a problem arises.


Mental stimulation is very important for all animals, even when they are off on their own little vacation. Most boarding facilities will also schedule in set times with which your dog will have interaction, either with other canines, humans working in the shelter or both.

In addition to the basic care described above, boarding facilities may also offer a range of other services, such as training classes and grooming. Boarding packages are often tailored to your individual requirements, with some facilities offering upgraded living accommodation or more exercise time at extra cost.

When choosing a boarding facility, it is important that you find out exactly what is included in your dog's care and that you are happy with this before you agree to register your canine for a stay. Finding the right boarding facility is essential if you are to feel happy that your dog is in the best care possible while you are away. For more information, contact Charlotte Animal Hospital in Port Charlotte, Florida.